Learn FROM conversation experts and mother-daughter duo, Kelly & Abigail White:

Start Having Better Conversations

In this AMAZING, workshop series discover your Conversation Personality Style!

Your Teachers, Abigail (left) & Kelly (right) White

Founders of The Mother Daughter Journey

As someone who understands the difficulties of living with mental illness and the effect it can have on your relationships, Abigail has spent the last 10 years on her own personal journey and continues to be a student of life. 

She is a speaker, coach, podcast co-creator and co-host, and certified C.O.A.C.H Principles Teaching Partner as a Conversation Personality Style expert.

Her missions are to spread awareness on the importance of peeling back the mask as the key to attaining genuine connection with loved ones, as well as helping others to feel less alone in their experiences with mental illness.

In 2012, Kelly discovered the power of the mother-daughter relationship when she learned that her daughter, Abigail, had a plan to take her own life. This experience launched Kelly and Abigail on a journey of learning and growth, navigating the mental health arena, and developing strong communication skills.

Kelly is now a passionate advocate for sharing the lessons she and Abigail have learned on this journey. She is the co-founder of The Mother Daughter Journey, Certified C.O.A.C.H. Principals Conversation Specialist Teaching Partner, speaker, author, co-creator, and producer of the Mother Daughter Journey Podcast.

"The mother-daughter relationship is an extremely tricky one, but we believe it has the power to change our world. The Mother Daughter Journey was created to raise awareness of that power and to provide a space to facilitate that change."

~ Kelly & Abigail

WHY Is It Important To Know Your Conversation Personality Style?


Improve your key relationships

Do you often feel like you aren't being heard? Whether it's with your mother/daughter, partner, best friend, or even important work relationships, it's not uncommon to feel like no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get your feelings across.

Knowing Your Conversation Personality Style - how you naturally give and receive information - is the first step to improving these relationships!


Minimize conflict & Hurt Feelings

If you're like us (and most other humans), then there have been times when you've said something with the best of intentions only to cause conflict and hurt feelings.

Knowing your Conversation Personality Style and how it differs from others will help you to minimize misunderstandings or any hurt feelings while maneuvering difficult conversations.


Increase your self-awareness

Oh yea....we went there! Having better conversations starts with you.

By learning your Conversation Personality Style, you are adding another tool to your toolbox; another piece to the puzzle of the beautiful and unique being you are. The more you know about your inner workings, the easier it is to show up as the best version of yourself - particularly in conversations!

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