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The Sibling Dynamic

Recently, I realized that one of the things I measured my success as amother against was the sibling dynamic of our two daughters. I had this prettypicture in my mind of them being thick as thieves always there supporting eachother. The Rachel Platton song, Girls, pretty much sumsup what I had in mind (because my… Continue reading The Sibling Dynamic

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The Power of Forgiveness

In today's episode Abigail and I finally dig into the power of forgiveness. We have been promising this episode for a few weeks now, but I kept coming up with other "more important" episodes. The truth is, I was feeling some major resistance to talking about forgiveness so my subconscious pushed other topics to the… Continue reading The Power of Forgiveness

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Our May was AWESOME!

Seriously - our May was awesome, and we are so grateful for everything we've been given. It was a BIG month over here at The Mother Daughter Journey, and that's what this week's episode is all about! First of all, it was Mental Health Awareness Month!! Even though this is a mission we hold near… Continue reading Our May was AWESOME!

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Untangling Grief in the Mother Daughter Relationship

Grief. It makes sense that such a heavy word would be used to define such an overwhelmingly weighty emotion. With that in mind, I guess it also makes sense that no one wants to talk about it - at least not for very long. Well, per usual we are here to talk about the things… Continue reading Untangling Grief in the Mother Daughter Relationship

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This Communication S*** Works!

Happy Tuesday, Friends! Seriously, this communication s*** really works! In today's episode, we actually decided to share with you an amazing conversation we recently had about our feelings and our needs. We put into practice all the tools we've been talking about here, and Bam! Success. Our definition of success that is. Remember, relaionships are… Continue reading This Communication S*** Works!

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It Takes All Sorts

You'll often hear us say things like, "Every relationship is a snowflake", or "We all have different lenses" - and that's all fine and dandy. But how do we share those lenses with others if we don't really know what they are made of ourselves? The truth is in most cases we don't! Instead, we… Continue reading It Takes All Sorts

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Finding Meaning in the Music

Have you ever found yourself listening to a song that seems to have been created just for you? The lyrics speak to you, and they help you speak with others. This happens for us all the time! In today's episode we share how music has not only been a bonding tool for us as a… Continue reading Finding Meaning in the Music

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Breaking the Codependency Habit

Hello again, friends! In last week's episode we started unpacking a very heavy subject: Codependency. The weight was just too much to bear for one episode, so today we finish the conversation! Now that we've talked about what it is, how it presents itself in the mother daughter relationship, and how it played a role… Continue reading Breaking the Codependency Habit

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Unpacking Codependency in the Mother Daughter Relationship

Here we go, friends! We've finally come to the point in our discussions where we start unpacking one of the heaviest pieces of baggage attached to the Mother & Daughter relationship: Codependency. We know... the word 'codependency' just reeks with negativity and it can be an extremely difficult subject to broach. That is exactly why… Continue reading Unpacking Codependency in the Mother Daughter Relationship

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“Should” is a Swear Word!

Or it might as well be. For the two of us, it is a word that we have come to realize can trigger negative emotions and/or reactions. And after a slip-up in last week's episode, we decided to elaborate more on why we try to avoid this word as much as possible. But the word… Continue reading “Should” is a Swear Word!